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Title: Happy Birthday
Fandom: Good Charlotte
Characters: Benji Madden / Billy Martin
Prompt: 056: Birthday
Word Count: 1959
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It’s Benji’s birthday. Billy wants it to be a good one.
Author's Notes: For slash_100
Here is my Big Damn Table of Benji/Billy fics. Enjoy!

You smile as you look over the kitchen you’ve so meticulously cleaned up. It looks spotless and sparkling compared to the mess it was in just a short while ago. There was flour and cocoa strewn about, batter splattered along the countertops, and icing blotches on the white-tiled floor.

Proudly, you set the chocolate cake on the counter, it’s white and blue icing perfect. The fancy cursive icing font in blue is a bold contrast to the white backdrop, but you think it’s a beautiful cake.

“Happy Birthday Benji.”

It’s March 11th. Your beautiful boyfriend of almost six years is turning twenty-seven. You want this to be special. You want him to feel good. You know he’s not been himself lately. Ever since his twin has been with Hilary. Sure, he’s happy for Joel. Joel deserves love and happiness. But Benji missed the closeness with his twin, and you can see it. You want him to have a great birthday, and you’re hoping that you can give it to him.

You make sure everything is set just right, and leave the kitchen, going through the living room and up the stairs. You walk through the master suite and into the bathroom, pulling your make-up bag out.

Twenty minutes later your make-up is perfected, eyeliner thick, and shadow blended. You trace your lips with your sweetest cherry glass, and then move onto the gel. You spike the back and run a little bit of product through the front. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve perfected your appearance, you turn out the mirror lights and leave the bathroom. Your eyes glance toward the red numbers of the beside clock. Benji should be home soon.

One you’re back down in the kitchen, you check your appearance one more time, just as you hear the front door open. You peek out to the foyer and smile as you see him. He’s setting his things down, and slipping his shoes off, jacket hanging from one of the set of hooks on the wall. He spots you, and smiles as he makes his way into the kitchen, his arms sliding around your waist. You lift your arms to his neck, and hug him back.

“You look so gorgeous, Billy.: He says softly, pressing a kiss to your jaw. You smiles, and pull back.

“Happy Birthday.” You tell him, kissing him softly. He thanks you, and you take him into the kitchen. He smiles when he sees the cake, and dips a finger into the icing, tasting in. You smack his hand away, and scold him teasingly.

He pouts adorably as you grab a pack of matches and strike one, lighting his candles.

“Make a wish, Benji.” You smile, watching him. His eyelids fall shut for a moment, and then he leaned forward, blowing out the candles.

You smiled happily, getting plates and forks as Benji cut the cake. You both took your plates to the table, sitting. You take a bite, watching Benji.

“Mmm… babe this is so good!” He says, licking some icing off of his finger. You laugh a little, and thank him as you eat.

The two of you talk about your days, and as he talks, you dip your finger into some of the remaining icing, smearing it on his cheek. Benji stops mid-sentence and stares at you. You look at him innocently, and grab your plates, taking them to the sink.

Benji follows you, and pinches your ass, grabbing the dishcloth to clean his cheek.

“Hey!” You say. “No wiping it off.”

“Why not?” He asks you, setting the cloth down.

“Because.” You state, rinsing the plates clean. “I’m gonna lick it off.”

Benji smirked and leaned into you, biting at your neck. You squirmed from his grasp, and went to the fridge, pulling the door open. Benji pouted, leaning against the counter, watching you. You grabbed the tube of left over cake-icing, and smirked a little when you looked at him. Kicking the fridge door shut with your foot, tell Benji to go to the living room. Obediently, he obeys, and you smile to yourself. A few minutes later, after stripping your clothing and grabbing the icing, you come into the living room.

Benji looks up from the couch, eyes wide for a moment. He bit his lip ring, looking over your body, and smiled.

“Well well, this is a surprise.” He said as you walked over to him. You straddled his lap and slid your arms around his neck, kissing his nose.

“Mhm, I want you to have a good birthday.” You smiled, kissing his cheek, your tongue flicking out to the little bit of icing. Benji’s hands slid up your thighs and over your hips, squeezing a little as you kissed and nipped his jaw and neck. He smiled, leaning his head back to give you access. Doing just the opposite of what he wanted, you pulled away and slid your hands up under his shirt.

“Off,” you said. He lifted his arms and you removed the shirt in one quick swoop. You smiled, sliding your hands down his smooth, bare chest. You loved to touch him, to look at him, regardless of how self-conscious he could be of his body. You thought he was beautiful. You smiled as your hands undid his pants, sure to casually let your hand “slip” and rub against his growing erection. He let out a soft little whimper, looking up at you.

You crawled off of his lap and tugged his pants and boxers off, socks following. Taking the tube of icing, you opened the cap, and smiled up at him.

“A birthday needs decorations. And… seeing as I’m the artistic one,” you smirked at him, “You’re going to be my canvas.”

Benji raised his eyebrows, but kissed you back when you pressed your lips to his. You smiled when you broke the kiss, and squeezed the icing out slowly. After a gasp at the cold icing from him, and a few little giggles from you, you sat up straight, a triumphant grin on your face at the words “Property of Billy” were written in blue icing across Benji’s chest. He laughed a little, shaking his head as you continued with the tube, drawing a balloon on his tummy, and a few little squiggles over his hip.

Benji bit his lip a little as your hands neared his erection. You were very much aware of what he wanted, but not willing to give it to him just yet. He could wait.

Leaning in, you kissed Benji’s collarbone, and began to lick the icing from his chest. He moaned when you reached the dot in the I of his name, as you’d been sure to place it on his nipple. You smirked, tracing your tongue around his nipple before sucking softly, your hands rubbing his thighs. He moaned softly, leaning his head back as you continued to lick up the icing on his stomach. When you were finished, you grabbed the tube again, and slid to your knees on the floor in front of him. Squeezing the tube, you drew blue icing up the length of his cock, leaving a swirl on his tip.

Holding Benji’s hips, you kept sure to keep eye contact as you flicked your tongue out beneath the head of his cock. He moaned, lifting his hips slightly in the hopes that you’d get the hint. You giggled, and kissed his base, licking up the trail of icing before taking him into your mouth fully. Benji moaned a little, running his hand through your hair as you bobbed your head in his lap. You swirled your tongue around his tip, licking at the mixture of icing and pre-cum.

Benji sighed, rocking his hips gently as he watched you. You moaned gently around him, pulling up and sucking only his tip while your hand stroked the rest of his length. Pulling off, you pressed a tiny kiss to the head of his cock, and looked up at him. You smiled, almost innocently, and slipped your hand under the couch for the lubricant you know would be there. When you found the bottle, you opened it up and squeezed a generous amount out onto your hand. Rubbing your hands together to warm the clear substance, you then took his cock in your hands, coating him thoroughly.

Benji moaned your name, leaning his head back as you touched him. He bit his lip when you removed your hands, and got up, straddling his lap again. You reached down, holding his cock and lining yourself up with him. Biting you lip, you slowly sat down, gasping at the feeling of him entering you.

Holding Benji’s shoulders, you dug your nails into his skin a few times before willing yourself to relax. You rocked your hips a few times to get used to the feeling, Benji moaning your name softly as his hands rubbed your thighs.

You lifted your body slowly, and sat back. When you felt relaxed, you pulled up and sat back down heavily, gasping when his cock brushed against your prostate. You moaned his name as you moved in his lip, biting your lip and trying to angel your body so that he’d hit that pleasure spot inside of you. You lifted yourself up, tilting your hips slightly to the left, and grinded back down against him. Dropping your jaw and leaning your head back, you cried out loudly as waves of white heat bolted through your veins. You could feel the pressure building within you as you rode your bboyfriend, knowing you wouldn’t last much longer.

You wrapped your hand around your erection and stroked yourself as you moved, Benji’s hands on your hips to help you along. Biting your lip and moaning his name, you leaned your head down onto his shoulder.

“Ughn fuck yeah,” you panted, “fuck me.”

Benji moaned upon hearing your voice. He pulled out of your body and shifted to lay you back on the couch. He pushd your thighs apart and entered you again, thrusting his hips hard and fast. You gasped, arching your spine and begging him for more, harder, faster. More.

Panting, your heart beating hard, you cried his name as you felt as if you’d shattered into a million tiny pieces of light, coming hard over yoru chest and stomach. Benji moaned your name, holding your hips and grinding into you deeply.

“M’close,” he groaned, “fuck..”

You lifted your hips a little more, giving him a better angle. He pulled his hips back and slammed into you hard, thrusting against your prostate which only made you arch and gasp again, and again. With a gasp of your name, you felt Benji fill your body, and lay against your chest, completely spent.

A lazy smile on your face, you slid your hand up and down Benji’s back. You sighed, kissing his forehead, and smiling.

“Mmm, fuck baby.” You sighed. He nodded.

“You’re so hot when you ask me to fuck you,” he said, looking up at you. “It fuckin… ugh I don’t even know.” He smirked. You laughed a little, playing with his hair.

“Happy birthday, Benji.”

He smiled, kissing your lips lightly. “Thanks.” He said, as you smirked up at him, squeezing his hips between your thighs.

“I’m not quite out of icing yet…”


Note: I haven’t written smut in like, awhile. Lmao. I hope I didn’t suck.
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