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Me, Myself and I.

Title: Purple
Fandom: Good Charlotte
Characters: Benji Madden / Billy Martin
Prompt: 097. Writer's Choice
Word Count: 584
Rating: PG
Summary: Purple is the colour of pain.
Author's Notes: Written at 1.33am. I like it, despite that it's a little ficlet.


Benji Combs was not someone to be messed with. He was tough, a fighter… everyone knew it. He dressed in bondage pants, wore Doc Martens, and had one of the fiercest pink and black Mohawks anyone had seen. Benji was the kid who cursed at his teachers, and smoked cigarettes outside of the principal’s window. He wasn’t afraid to push kids out of his way, nor was he pussy enough to turn down a fight. Benji was the dominant twin, and he refused to take any shit when people would talk about his brother. One mention of Joel’s name could bring Benji’s fists to the speaker’s face. No one talked shit, and everyone knew the rules.

What everyone did not know, however, was that Benji Combs had a soft side. When he was alone with Billy, no one would believe it could possibly be the same Benji.

One particular day when his phone rang, he immediately knew it would be Billy. When his boyfriend’s shakey, distraught voice asked him to come get him, his heart dropped. Benji knew Billy’s home life was not good. He knew that Billy’s step-father was violent, and Billy was often the target of his anger.

Benji rushed to Billy’s house. Seeing that there was no vehicle in the drive way, Benji walked right in and hurried up the stairs. Seeing the light coming from beneath the bathroom door, he quickly pushed it open, and gasped.

Billy stood at the sink using a wet face cloth to wipe at the blood smeared across his face.

“Oh baby,” Benji spoke as he came to his boyfriend, “Let me help you.

Billy sighed, sitting himself on the toilet. He hung his head, ashamed of the fact that Benji had to see him like this… again. Benji rinsed the cloth and gently cleaned the blood from Billy’s nose, mouth, and cheek. He frowned a little when he saw the dark purple bruise beneath Billy’s left eye. Sighing, he tossed the cloth in the sink.

“I’m sorry,” Billy sighed, “You shouldn’t have to do this.” Benji shook his head and placed feather-soft kisses to Billy’s bruise.

“I love you,” Benji answered, “I want to be here when you need me.”

Billy nodded a little, leaning in to Benji. He closed his eyes, and despite the throbbing in his face, he felt happy to know that someone loved him.

Benji rubbed Billy’s neck and kissed his hair. He couldn’t help but wish he could take on both the physical and emotional pain Billy was dealing with. It hurt him to see Billy like this, and he only wanted the best for his boyfriend.

“Why don’t you take a hot shower to help you relax?” He suggested, pulling away to look down at Billy.

“Yeah… okay.” Billy nodded, standing. Benji went to the shower, turning the water on, sure to adjust it to the right temperature.

“I’ll sit in here,” he said as Billy began to undress.

Benji’s stomach knotted up when he saw the bruises left along Billy’s torso and arms. It seemed like they never fully healed up, before knew ones were formed.

It was then, watching Billy, that Benji decided he hated the colour purple.


Note: Thanks bunches :]
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