Me, Myself and I. (biofucked) wrote in billy_n_benji,
Me, Myself and I.

Title: Three Words
Fandom: Good Charlotte
Characters: Benji Madden/Billy Marti n
Prompt: 96. Writer’s Choice
Word Count: 333; really short drabble, but I promise you it’s well worth it.
Rating: PG
Summary: Three simple words…
Author's Notes: No names are mentioned, it was Benji/Billy in my mind, you decide who is who. I wrote this in English today. Written for fanfic100


Three words.

Three simple syllables.

Words are only letters put together; how could they cause such feeling? How was it that words from his lips were the reason you were sitting on the floor with tears streaming down your cheeks? Only words, only a voice, it was just words.

Your chest had tightened up, stomach fluttered, and then the realization of what he had said had hit you. He said three words, and they forever changed your relationship. They changed the dynamic of how you would function from then on. Those words changed you as a person. He looked you in the eye, and spoke the eight letters, the three words, and you stared.

You just stared, jaw dropped, eyes wide, heart pounding. You blinked, but couldn’t find your voice. He looked at you for a moment, his eyes burning into you and permanently etched those three words into your very soul.

He turned and left, and that is when you sunk to the floor. You sat, confused and bewildered. Only after he left did your tears come.

You cried out your emotion and wished so badly he was there. You wished he’d take you into his arms, rub your back, and wipe your tears.

He said three words, and you didn’t make a sound. Not one god damn sound.

Now here you are, alone.

His voice plays back over and over. It won’t stop. Each time you hear him in your head, you can’t help but to cry again.

Three words changed your relationship forever, and you said nothing.

Three words.

Three syllables.

Eight letters.

“I hate you.”


Comments? Anything?
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