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I was a member of this community a few years ago and left because it pretty much died...I see that nothing has really changed much since then. Which is sad. I'm hoping that maybe somebody will spot this and can direct me.

I've been searching for a fic that I read a long time ago that has stayed with me for years now. It's Benji/Billy obviously, and part of the problem is that I have no idea where I read it. Benji and Billy are in high school and they're from different sides of the track, if you will. Benji is poor and Billy is rich, and their cliques hate each other. Billy and Benji are forced to work on a project together and they get close after that. Nobody agrees with it and half of their friends don't even know because they're from different worlds and have a different status in society. Benji gets raped at one point by a rich kid and Paul ends up getting shot in the end and dying. I think Benji gets shot too but he wakes up in the hospital. I wish I remembered more if, but if this jogs anybody's memory, please let me know. The fic itself was a hell of a lot better than how I have described it here. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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