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title:Forever and a day
rating:pg-13ish a bit of swearing

Forever and a day

Billy Martin sat knees to chest rocking back and forth sobbing in his bunk. "He doesn't love you, He could never love you." He said to himself. Billy heard the bus door open and someone come, inside. He wiped his tears and regulated his breathing.
"Hey Billy" Joel called. He got out of his bunk.
"Hey Joely" Billy forced a smile.
"What's the matter lil' Billy?" Joel asked.
"Nothing i'm fine" Billy said. Joel chuckled slightly.
"Bill I know your not fine, whenever you say you are there's always something bothering you"
Joel sighed
"I"M FUCKING FINE JOEL! JUST STAY OUT OF MY LIFE" Billy stormed out of the bus. He ran passed Benji, Paul, and Chris.
"Hey whats wrong" paul called after him. Billy just kept on running trying to put as much space between him and his band mates. Benji went to fallow him but Joel grabbed his arm.
"Don't Benji, Just let him have some time to himself." Joel said.
"Last fucking time i did that he ended up in the hospital half dead." Benji said. he pulled out of Joels grip. "He's emotionally unstable, I don't know what he'll do and i die if something happened to him." Benji took off after Billy. Benji finally caught up to the hurting boy at a stop light. "Billy wait!" Benji grabbed Billys hand before he could run out into moving traffic.
"Let me go!" Billy half sobbed half screamed. Benji pulled the breaking boy against his chest.
"No, I'll never let go, Not after last time." Benji said. Billy fought against the grip Benji had him in. Finally giving up he cried and held onto Benji for dear life. Once Billy calmed down Benji loosened his grip.
"Hey why don't we go out for coffee and you tell me whats wrong." Benji said. Billy nodded. Benji led him to a small cafe he remembered passing while he was chasing after Billy. He sat down with Billy at a small secluded table. A petite waitress came up.
"What can i get you guys?" She asked
"Coffee" Benji said. "What do you want Billy?"
"strawberry milkshake" Billy said softly.
"Okay I'll be right back" She smiled. Benji got a serious look on his face.
"So are you going to tell me whats wrong or will i have to force you?" Benji asked.
"You'll hate me, Everyone will hate me more then they already do." Billy sighed
"What are you talking about? I don't hate you. and I don't know anyone who hates you." Benji said.
"Everyone hates me." Billy said.
"Like who?" Benji asked.
"Tony, Pierre, My mom and dad, many more" Billy sighed
"Tony doesn't hate you, He thinks your hot and gets annoyed because he can't sleep with you but he's over that now that he's with Joel. Pierre, funny guy. He just gets angry because whenever we do anything with sp David ignores him to have girly talk with you. And your mom and dad are assholes. I can't think of a single sane person who could possibly hate you, you're just likable, a bit insecure but still amazing" Benji smiled. Billy blushed lightly. The waitress came with their drinks.
"Here you go." She placed the drinks down in front of them.
"So please tell me whats wrong" Benji begged
"I can't" Billy said "I want to but I can't"
"Okay here" Benji passed Billy a napkin and a sharpie. Billy took a drink then wrote down what he was feeling and passed it to Benji. Benji read the letter silently and emotionless. Once he was done he grinned at Billy.
"I love you too" Benji said. Billy blushed bright red. "That's why i wouldn't let tony fuck you"
"Thank you" Billy grinned. Benji reached out and took Billys hand in his. Billy blushed more and hid behind his hair.
"Don't hide you're beautiful" Benji reached out and tucked Billys hair behind his ear. Billy drank the rest of his drink.
"Can we go now?" Billy asked. "The guys will be getting worried"
"Okay" Benji pulled out his wallet and left a 20 dollar bill on the table.
"I can pay for mine." Billy said.
"Don't worry I got it baby." Benji said. They walked out of the cafe and back to the bus hand in hand.
"Hey guys" Joel said. He then noticed their hands. "Mind filling me in?" He asked.
"We're ummm..." Billy looked at Benji for an answer.
"Dating" Benji smiled
"Congrats guys" Joel smiled. Benji grabbed Billy around the waist and pulled him into a gentle kiss.
"Love you" Billy sighed.
"Love you too, Forever and a day." Benji then pulled billy into another kiss.
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