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Ch.4 w00t

Title: Real to Supernatural
Characters: Vamp!Billy and Human!Benji
Rating: R
Summary: Follow a young vampire, as he learns a lesson in life with his lover, as he is trapped between the lines of the supernatural world, and the real one.
Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to post the new chapter, I've been too lazy to come to the community and such

I eye him suspiciously. he came to my room barely five minutes ago, and said it was time to feed. How does my pet know when I'm supposed to feed? Possibly could've been drilled into him. But, it's still strange to me. It was like he knew that I was about to die of the hunger. It was like he knew me . And frankly, that scares the shit out of me. I'd never seen this kid before, and he seemingly knew me, and my schedules, and just, eveyrthing! i don't know how to explain it. Am I just being paranoid? Probably. But the way he looks at me, it just terrifies me.

Strolling over, he immediatley bends his head slightly, so I had access to his neck. Usual routine. But now, he had a small smirk playing on his lips. ignoring it, I sank my teeth into his neck, and began the process of feeding. I stopped abruptly, when I felt his arms wrap around my waist. Ignoring that also after a few seconds, I continued again. When I felt as if I was full, I moved myself away from his neck. And, he just stared at me. I fidgeted nervously, trying to avoid his eyes. Looking in people's eyes was like looking into their soul, and I hated seeing that. But, even though I avoided that, the next thing that happened I did not expect.

He pressed his lips to mine. My lips, against his. This was not right! He was a mortal! Before it could go any farther, I shoved him away. He just smriks at me still. By now I really hate that smirk. I want to just swipe it off his face. Make him pay.

Like many other vampires, I have long nails. Sharp, and meant for killing. The end of them are pointed, so you can dig into the flesh of others. Just long enough to impale your victem. They are a deadly weapon, used only for pain. Many would think this cruel, but, I and the rest of my people, love pain and suffering. And, as far as I'm concerned, my pet deserves to suffer. Horribly.

I dragged the sharp ends of my nails down harshly across his chest. He took the pain, easily, so I dug them in, and with my other hand slapped him across the face. He stumbled back a bit, and just looked at me, tears filling his perfect brown irisis. My herat broke in two there, but my pride wouldn't let him win. "You disgust me. Get out." I hissed, and watched as he scurried out of my presence. His pathetic existence meant nothing to me now. He was just food. Nothing more.

Though, his lips did feel pleasurably good.

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