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more to meh ficlet

Title: Real to Supernatural
Characters: Vamp!Billy and Human!Benji
Rating: R
Summary: Follow a young vampire, as he learns a lesson in life with his lover, as he is trapped between the lines of the supernatural world, and the real one.

I lick my lips as I stare aimlessly at the ceiling. It seems so far away. So hopelessly out of my grasp. If I stand, and jump, I could probably touch it. Feel every little crack and crevice. But, not today. Today, even if I stood, it would still seem so far away. Cause it's all in the mind. Everyone's mind manipulate's them. It's just a common fact of life. You have no control, your mind does. You are but a petty slave, doing it's bidding. Or, maybe I'm just insane.

My father told me that after the first feeding, I musn't feed again for two days. In those two days he also said that I'd feel the need to feed, and I'd be hungry almost all the time. It's taking all my strength to stay on my bed. All my strength not to taste that beautiful creature's sweet yet salty blood. It taunts me, like the devil himself! and I curse it all with my wrath. My need. My hunger.

I can just picture it now. Waching his eyes dialate as mine are as I feed upon his lucious fruit. As I hold him violently close, and give him the pleasure that feeds me. The very thought makes me want to leave this confinement of a room. Makes me wish I wasn't a demon. But, everything happens for a reason, am I correct?

Sitting up, I look around, almost nervously. But, I am never nervous. Slowly scooting off the edge of my bed, I slither over to my bedroom door. he's only across the hall. Barely four feet away. My precious pet. Food. Life. Slender fingers wrap around the cold metal knob, and I step out into the darkened hall. This seems to take an eternity. I just can't win. No matter how much I try.

Opening the door to where my pet is, I slip inside quickly. No need to have Father catch me, now is there? I let my eyes quickly scan the room. I know where he is. I can see him. He's sitting on his bed. He's slowly turning to look at me. His deep brown eyes are easy to spot from where I stand. I do have overly keen sences. He looks too good. My eyes fall upon his neck. So pale, and wonderful. I see the mark from where I fed upon just the other day. He knows I'm watching him. He knows what I want. But, the question I know is going through his head is, will he disobey the rules? Will he let me feed upon him again, when it's too early. He knows it could kill me, as do I. But, the hunger is killing me, and he knows it. That's why it stares at me, with the knowing look. He understands. He seems to look into my almost non-existent soul, and understand.

And that's why I lay here again, in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I couldn't fulfill my hunger, and risk my life and his. So, I continue staring at my ceiling. it's just so far away. I'll never reach it. Well, atleast not today.

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