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Title: Real to Supernatural
Characters: Vamp!Billy and Human!Benji
Rating: R
Summary: Follow a young vampire, as he learns a lesson in life with his lover, as he is trapped between the lines of the supernatural world, and the real one.

Standing out in the bright mid day light, I let my gaze stay locked on the sky. Nothing could ruin this moment. No matter what. My mind was wondering to different places, that maybe it shouldn't be at this point. Today was the day. The day I would be feeding for the first time. My human pet, or in other words, my food had been picked after long thought. And now, based on tradition, today my eighteenth birthday, I would see my pet for the first time, and feed on him. Before I continue, may you're a bit confused.

You may have heard that vampires aren't allowed in the sunlight. That is incorrect. We have sensitive skin, thus we shouldn't be outside for too long in one setting. That could cause one of us serious skin damage. Not, kill us. And another thing, when we feed, it does not kill anyone. When done right, you can turn someone, but we try not to do so. We feed on a person, but not that much blood, just enough to get us by for that day. And, alot of the time, it can be pleasurable for your pet as well. We aren't all monster.

"William! It is time."

I turn on my heels, to look at my mother. She still looks fairly young, which is quite amazing since she has raised five children in this life time. Yes, she is around two hundred years old. So far, she wishes to not have any more children, so, that leaves me the youngest of all those other now full grown vampire's, who have families of their own. I love her to death, and if the time ever came to it, I would give my very being for her.

Stepping foot into my home, my mother slowly closes the door, and walks back to the back wall, where my four sister's of this century stand. We have a fairly big house, so our livingroom has always seemed fairly empty. I look over, and there is the cage. It's always there. It's where every member of our family has received their pet. Inside I see a person. It's too dark to make our his feature's so I will have to wait till he is released to me. My father has the door to the cage tightly gripped in his hand, whilst he looks sternly at me. It seems like it's an eternity before he opens the door. And out comes my pet. He stops about three feet from me, and now I can see that he is a very good looking person. But, obviously older than me, by around a year or two.

Around his neck is a collar. All pet's get one, that they must wear always. A name tag hangs loosely from the collar, and I read the inscription. Benjamin Levi Madden. I liked that name. Looking him up and down, I have to refrain myself from from jumping upon him and feeding viciously upon his gorgeous body. Makeup he is obviously wearing, but so am I. We'll get along well I think.

"You may now feed my son." My father's voice booms from the cage. Benjamin automatically tilts his head, giving me more room for his neck. It looks so good. Leaning forward myself, I sink my teeth into his neck, and I feel him flinch. Closing my mouth around his skin, I suck lightly. He relax's, and once I feel I have had anogh, I remove my mouth and teeth from him. Looking at his face, I smirk as I see that he was enjoyed it. It's written all over his feature's. "Come along." I whisper, and head up the winding stair case, which he follows. I must show my new pet to his quarters.

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