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FanFic much?

I'm kinda new here, but this is a fanfic I posted on fandomination, and um, yuh...So here's the first chapter?

Title: Real to Supernatural
Characters: Vamp!Billy and Human!Benji
Rating: R
Summary: Follow a young vampire, as he learns a lesson in life with his lover, as he is trapped between the lines of the supernatural world, and the real one.
Authors Note: The first chapter is kinda short...But not all the chapters are that short, I promise.

Have you ever just looked at the nightsky, and known that something that pretty, couldn't possibly last forever? Or that, maybe you'd outlive that simple piece of beauty? Or, possibly you've pondered over the way nature is. How human nature is, if i were to be exact. The way they like to pretend they aren't animals. Did you ever notice that at the mere mention of someone acting "uncivilized" people everywhere must hate that simple being? They have to be shunned, because civilization wnats to hide the fact that humans do have instincts.

Instinct is the most powerful thing in the human body. It runs our thoughts in a tough situation. When you are cornered, what do humans do? they lash out in one way or another. But, there's something scarier and funnier about the human civilization. It's in human nature to love the suffering of others. When there is an accident, you never want to watch to see a perfectly fine person. Humans want to see a hurt person, blood, and problems. Thus is why civilization comes out with these games and movies. They want you to secretly feed on those feelings.

But, what if I were to tell you, there was a group of people. A group of people who weren't ashamed to admit they enjopy the sufferings of others. A place where the supernatural do exist. As much as you may not want to hear this, I'd like to show you my story. And how I had to learn all this about the real world. The story of a vampire, having to learn a lesson about life, and love. I know everyone will just love to hear about one of us having a hard time.

My name is William Dean Martin, otherwise known as Billy. I'm a vampire living in a world between the supernatural and what is supposedly real. Read my journey, and feel what I felt.

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